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Dougie's Birth

Well hello, Douglas Bessant

We’re glad you came on cue

Although you left your daddy

With thumb that’s black and blue.


Your sister is a treasure

Her parents’ constant joy

But now she has a brother

A perfect, bouncing boy.


The family is completed

With cat and pigeon pair

The world is now their oyster

The years ahead to share.


Thursday’s child has far to go

Who knows what you will see

But you will make your future

And be what you will be.


Aquarians refuse to budge

To principles hold fast

Keep your faith in honesty

And friendships that can last.


May love surround you always

And hope and health endure

Our pride in you will grow and grow

Of that we can be sure.


You don’t yet know your Grandpa

Or Sally, his best half

But she will change your nappy

And he will make you laugh.

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