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Cruising on The Balmoral



Image: MV Balmoral Fund Ltd

Underneath a mackerel sky, Balmoral reached the pier
And those who knew her secret shed a hidden tear
Was this the last from Clevedon to head off out to Wales?
The end of her proud history? The last of many tales?
Penarth’s pierhead was crowded by Welsh there for the cruise
The loyal and the faithful, though most had heard the news
Of cancelled trips and mishaps, of parts to be replaced
But though she'd faced some stormy seas, she never was disgraced
Now the day turned sunny as out across the foam
She headed back for Somerset past Viking isles of Holm
Down the coast she voyaged beneath a dome of blue
Hills and harbours passing – a panoramic view
Minehead then to Lynmouth, now peaceful after flood
That turned a pretty village into a sea of mud
Past Woody Bay and towering cliffs - the tallest in the land
Balmoral sailed serenely on - a day out she'd made grand
At Ilfracombe a welcome - town crier there to say,
“We're very pleased to see you - o'yez, o'yez, o'yez!”
Some went ashore for lunching while others came aboard
Beneath the gaze of Verity - a sculpture some find flawed
And after streets to wander, the time to bid farewell

And set off from the quayside into the tidal swell
The journey home for chatting as golden sun went down
To give a vibrant light show - the cruise's final crown
Balmoral in the sunset - the worries for the morn
We hope she'll keep on cruising and find a bright, new dawn.

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