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Remember Mariupol

When history is written
Remember Mariupol
Which bears the brunt of Russian might
And pays a heavy toll
Its crime to stand strategic
And block one man's ambition
And so is made to suffer
Campaign of vile attrition
Under siege and underground
The innocents are trapped
Hoping to avoid the bombs
For some the future mapped
No food, no light, no water
No safe escape from city
Daily being punished
By men bereft of pity
No corridor to safety
Despite recurring pledge
Supplies and hope fast fading
They teeter on the edge
A theatre seemed a haven
'Til death plunged from the sky
Now underneath the rubble
The many bodies lie
They're victims of their neighbours
Who came to seize their land
Driven by a despot
We'll never understand.

Mariupul Theatre.jpg
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