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Handfast Wedding Day


This is a different wedding

You said we never could

Be hitched, for then your pension

Would disappear for good

We haven’t hired a vicar

No one has read the banns

But that has still not stopped us

From making nuptial plans

There’ll not be any signatures

Before a registrar

And hopefully no shoes or cans

Or scribbling on our car

We won’t be jetting far away

On foreign honeymoon

You bring me all my sunshine

Unlike that flaming June

With friends and family gathered

On this our special day

The timing is just perfect

For what I have to say

I love you, my own Sally

You’ve made my life complete

No doubts, no hesitation

No nerves and no cold feet

I’m glad that you proposed to me

On February twenty-nine

What better reason could there be

For drinking Champagne wine

As Lulu said – You are my chick

Although not quite my wife

You are the ideal partner

With whom to share my life

This is a unique wedding

And standing here by thee

I know that we’ll remain entwined

Throughout eternity

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