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The Endless Cycle

All around is shattered

All around is grey

Once they hoped for freedom

Now for life they pray

Bombs descending from the skies

Buildings quickly razed

Utter swift destruction

And only few are saved

Underneath the rubble

Underneath harsh stone

Families are buried

Leaving kin alone

From crowded streets in Gaza

Towards the south they fled

Many seeking sanctuary

Are numbered with the dead

In lines upon the broken earth

The bodies wrapped in white

The wailing of the just bereaved

A background to the sight

Hospitals at breaking point

Some injured turned away

Aid supplies exhausted

And yet the workers stay

The innocents the victims

Just like Israelis slain

No party they to massacre

And yet they feel such pain

While on the nearby borders

With tanks the soldiers wait

For call to start invasion

For some just death their fate

In darkened Hamas tunnels

Where hostages they'll seek

Those snatched in hours of terror -

The elderly and weak

This tragedy unfolding

Has roots back many years

A people robbed of homeland

Are drowning in their tears

The world that let it happen

Now looking on aghast

Landless Palestinians

Condemned here by the past

Unless the cycle's broken

And settlement is found

No peace will reign in Holy Land

More blood will soak the ground.

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