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The Cross Britain Way


In twenty days they crossed the land from Boston Stump to Barmouth strand
From North Sea Wash to Irish Sea - the years shrugged off past seventy
With book and maps they walked the ways, through winter frosts and summer haze
Savouring each changing sight, taking rests where'er they might
In flower-filled meadows, fields of corn - at times a start 'fore break of dawn
With rucksacks packed for overnights, they crossed deep valleys, scaled the heights
Met with strangers, parted friends, adventures waiting round each bend
Criss-crossing paths they'd strode before, recalling times from memory's store
History present at each turn, tales to gather, facts to learn

From Lincolnshire to Leicestershire, from wolds to forest dark
They headed West to Staffordshire and bluebell-smothered park
Along canals and rivers, then over Cannock Chase

The country miles unfolding as they kept up their pace

They passed the gorge at Ironbridge - the border drawing near

But first to scale the Stiperstones – their fractured crags so sheer
From Shropshire’s hidden beauty they entered mystic Wales
As high above the mountaintops the soaring raptors sailed
The national park, Snowdonia, the perfect home run stage
Before they entered Barmouth and turned the final page.



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