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The Longest Day


The longest day will find me
With just the longest face
While druids prance around those stones
With me it's not the case
Now I am not too greedy
I wouldn't have much fun
If I was up in Norway
With all that midnight sun
But I like lots of daylight
And evenings that stretch on
To reach a perfect sunset
Now how can that be wrong?
The solstice brings no solace
For me it's summer's end
The days will now start drawing in
And chill's just round the bend
It's downhill now to Christmas
It's downhill now to grey
It's downhill now to winter nights
No matter what they say
Yet I must now keep positive
As I put on warm socks
There's only three more months to go
Until the equinox
And then a further three before
We reach the longest night
And raise a glass to celebrate
That Spring is back in sight.


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