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The Avoncliff Round














From out the lofty Tory
Backed by dawn chorus sound
A lane that leads to Turleigh
And Avoncliff far round
Misty river valley
‘Tween trees the Avon flows
Canal and rail companions
As on t'wards Bath it goes
Rose-smothered cream stone cottage
Beside the roar of weir
Empty station platform
The line ahead all clear
Rabbits disappearing
Into a roadside hedge
Pub across the aqueduct
By the water's edge
Back along the towpath
By boats here tightly moored
Shouts from early riser
To those asleep aboard
Disturbing a lone heron
That leaves in urgent flight
Borne aloft on widespread wings
To vanish out of sight
Return past ancient tithe barn
To bridge by sturdy gates
Of lock that holds the waters

And for the boaters waits.

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