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You Are My Dawn


You are my dawn, you are my dusk

My perfect summer day

A part of me just hibernates

When you are far away.


You are my home, you are my hearth

My garden bathed in sun

Without you I am cut in half

With you I am as one.


You are my heart, you are my soul

My nearest, dearest star

You are my far horizon

My future’s where you are.


You are my girl, you are my friend

My secret bluebell wood

A partner to be proud of

My wife if you just would.


You are my love, you are my hope

My beach of soft, white sand

Companion of my night-times

The happiness I planned.


You are my life, you are my dream

My sunset ‘cross the sea

I count the hours ‘til you return

Once more to be with me.

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