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Back In Focus

My driving's back in Focus
I have my latest car
With sat nav that is touchscreen
To know just where you are
The model is Titanium
The colour's silver-gold
I hope it keeps on going
'Til I am really old
It's up to here in sensors
For lights and when there's rain
That intermittent drizzle
It used to be a pain
The front seats they are heated
The air-con's dual control
And Bluetooth for my Spotify
When I am on a roll
The starting is push-button
With no ignition key
The handbrake's electronic
And that's all new to me
A dropdown box for sunglasses
Though I don't own a pair
Mirrors lit for vanity
Neat gizmos everywhere
There's so much tech inside this car
Lest I should feel a fool
I've asked to have some lessons -
It's back to driving school.

New Ford Focus, July 8, 2020.jpg
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