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It wasn't much to ask for, Ken knows I won't say, Can't
So he was sure I'd help him to find an elephant
For Maureen' s Christmas present - he didn't mind to pay
Whatever sum was needed, then Dave said - Go Ebay
He found just what we wanted, so he put in a bid
And Ken he started planning just where it might be hid
But then the seller told us it couldn't go by mail
And as he lived in London, who'd bring it home by rail?
So Dave he found another, which could be sent by post
It seemed we had it sorted - our Dave he is the most
This one we could just pay for - I used my credit card
Our Ken he was so grateful, although it wasn't hard
We asked for the delivery to go to Des in Cote
And just sat back and waited, but then there came a note
Ken's gift had been truncated - when wrapping for the trip
The seller'd gone and dropped it - a most expensive slip
His jumbo was in pieces, a refund came my way
And back I went to Google and logged in to Ebay
I found another like the rest – she’d love it or she oughter
And this one had a bonus - collection from Bridgwater

The deal was even easier – agreed upon the phone

The owner came to Clevedon – we met at Pets at Home
The present once delivered, we stayed with bated breath
And Maureen she does love it, but we're all sick to death.


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