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Sally's 70th Birthday

You may have reached that three score, ten

But I can still remember when

I met you on that far Greek isle

And heard your voice and saw that smile

We sailed the sea with turtle

We strolled along the beach

And yet with happiness at hand

I let you slip from reach

Thank God I kept your number

Thank God you kept your home

Thank God you gave forgiveness

When I had ceased to roam

From wartime birth in Norfolk

You’ve had a varied life

Sister to a genius

And then a fly guy’s wife

Early days in pubs and clubs

And as a hotel maid

Laying tables, toting jugs

And all of this unpaid

Survived the nuns of Notre Dame

And sorting garage books

Wore a black-out dress to town

Despite your Dad’s black looks

Rode to Spain on pillion

Side saddle in the sun

Sailed the seas off Singapore

A yachting Number One

Turned a stable into home

Labouring after work

Mothered bright Rhodes scholars

‘Til upset by a jerk

You’ve had your share of health scares

From pancreas to chest

You never should have touched the weed

And always worn a vest

Your teeth show dental wizardry

Those rows of pearly white

Have caused a lot of pain to gain

And bills that were a fright

OK, you like a drop of wine

Or maybe two or three

You’re not averse to Champagne

And sometimes G and T

In restaurants you’ve often picked

A truly awful dish

It’s probably all that North Sea air

That makes you yearn for fish 

Your friends and family love you

You’re generous with your time

And grandchildren adore you

And that’s both yours and mine

You teach young kids ‘bout life skills

And perils like chip fat

Brave the dust at Tyntesfield

To sort Lord Wraxall’s tat

I know you don’t want sloppy

So I will tell you straight

I’ll never, ever, ever find

For me a better mate.

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