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A Shadow Across The Nation


Reuters Image

Empty streets and empty shelves
Sick and old left by themselves
A shadow cast across the nation
As millions face just isolation
From out the East the virus came
A Chinese bat the beast to blame
One town, one death, the sickness spread
Hundreds soon the mounting dead
Borders could not stem the tide
Continents no safe divide
Governments seemed powerless
Their people to defend
Ordering mass lockdowns
To normal life suspend
Skies devoid of aircraft,
Streets without their cars
Silence in the theatres
No cheers in pubs and bars
Schools closed to words of learning
Outside no fun games played
Exams just academic,
No way to make the grade
We're on a wartime footing
The enemy within
The germs are passing hand to hand
And lingering on our skin
We know we will get through this
Like Black Death it will end
But now it's time to realise
On each we must depend.


Empty Trafalgar Square.jpg
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