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Janet's 50th

Black or Brown or Polar

There’s nothing like a bear

They even have Koala

In Oz if you go there

 Some it’s true are Grizzly

And fearsome to behold

Enough to jellify your knees

And make your blood run cold

 But in the hands of Janet

A bear becomes a friend

You’d like to have to share your home

Or to a grandchild send

Their colours are amazing

A real kaleidoscope

There’s green and red and amber

I’ve even seen one taupe

 Some spring to life from nursery rhymes

Or a Cole Porter song

No matter what the tale they tell

They all seem to belong.

 At Christmas they’re found everywhere

While their kin hibernate

They seem to think it’s party-time

And cause to celebrate.

And so I’m sure they’ll join us now

With lots of ursine glee

To help their maker usher in

Her golden jubilee.

Janet's Bears - 2.jpg
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