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Ear We Go Again

with thanks to the Bristol Royal Infirmary Dermatology Department and apologies to Vincent Van Gogh

Ear we go again
Unhappy as can be
Back to BRI to lose
Another bit of me
A chunk was taken out my arm
And that I thought was that
But then a nasty spot just grew -
Where sun got past my hat
I lost a pizza slice that time
It left a little nick
But then a sore patch did appear
Made doctor feel quite sick
So back I went for biopsy
'Twas taken with a punch
And now they want me to return
Well really - thanks a bunch
This time with new piece from my lug
I'll need to have skin graft
I know I'm in the safest hands
But hope this one's the last.







Vincent Van Gogh - My 'Earo.jpg
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