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Liz's 90th Birthday

There’s not a one quite like her

She really is a whizz

A pocket Norfolk dynamo

We simply know as Liz

From Tesco down to Sainsbury

She’s always on her feet

Her home it is immaculate

Her garden is a treat

She’s friendly and she’s feisty

Prepared to speak her mind

Up to date with all the news

She’s caring and she’s kind

She might enjoy a soirée

But she’s not la-di-da

Clutching her disabled pass

She’ll head off in a car

She’ll navigate to Walberswick

To find a decent pub

And stop for tea along the way

Our Liz she likes her grub

At dead of night she’ll scour her house

In case there is a rat

From attic down to cellar

Now who would fancy that?

She’ll tackle every challenge

Even a digi box

She’ll join a march against a war

Our Liz she really rocks

A true bionic lady

You’d even call her hip

She crosses the Atlantic

To see Shu Ching and Pip

She’s going strong at ninety

What more is there to say

Unique in every aspect

That’s very, very vrai.

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