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A Hero To Protect

When all Ukraine was threatened
And certain seemed its fate
Volodymyr Zelensky
Stepped up to take the plate
Come the hour and come the man
Like Churchill did before
This comic voted president
He steeled his land for war
When Putin's tanks invaded
And bombs began to fall
He galvanised the populace
Who rallied to his call
When he was offered sanctuary
He asked for arms instead
He knew his nation had more chance
If he stayed at its head
His jacket now discarded
Replaced with battle green
As country looked for answers
On broadcasts he was seen
From his base in Kviv
He took his message out
Addressed United Nations
So none was left in doubt
The battle that was raging
On land, from air and sea
Represented danger
To all democracy
He won applause from Parliament
From Congress in U.S.
Those who heard his stirring words
Wished him all success
There never was more contrast
"Tween two named president
One who spewed out hate and bile
While other spoke just sense
We now must do the best we can
This hero to protect
And hope that he'll eventually
Nobel Peace Prize collect.

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