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The Starting Bell

He really started something

That Alexander Bell

So people could communicate

But he could never tell

That one day we would all depend

And simply need to own

The handy useful gadget

We know as mobile phone

He first linked up a city

And then a continent

Business simply loved it

And thought it heaven sent

A cable 'cross Atlantic

Brought Europe on the line

And kiosks on the UK streets

Reached everyone in time

And then it all went wireless

Although not in the sticks

Those yuppie City slickers

Had handsets big as bricks

But Internet changed all our lives

As Adams had foretold

The knowledge of the galaxy

Was in our hands to hold

News and weather forecasts

Are always there on tap

Directions to a distant town

You now don't need a map

No running out of film for us

The cameras are tip-top

And music's at our fingertips

From classical to pop

So now in trains and waiting rooms

Or walking on the street

Eyes are fixed on little screens

And even when friends meet

Technology is valuable

For all to keep in touch

But sometimes I just wonder

If it's a bit too much.

Alexander Graham Bell - 2.jpg
Alexander Graham Bell - 2.jpg
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