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Fed Upstart

I am a novice birder

And like to see them feed

I envy those whose gardens

Attract a range of breed

But I live in a town house

And cannot see below

Those which come to visit

My bijou patio

And then I found a feeder

To stick to first floor pane

Sadly it became unstuck

So then I tried again

The next one was more sturdy

But rather than on high

I put it on the ground floor

'Twas worth another try

A perfect new position

On my conservatory

Filled with seed and meal worms

Who knows what I would see

At first no change was noticed

But then the level fell

I topped up the container

I thought I'm doing well

Yet still no sight of robins

Or pretty long-tailed tits

If I could spy just one or two

I would be thrilled to bits

This morning came my answer

A squirrel found inside

My avian feeding station

With gravity defied

I know they're all God's creatures

Even the foreign grey

But I'm withdrawing this free lunch

And hope they'll stay away

The food will go to those I know

Who have more space than me

And if I miss my feathered friends

I'll watch them on TV.

Squirrel Upstart.jpg
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