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January Canal Walking


Heron in the dull light

Here at start of day

Rising from canalside

Borne on wings of grey

Swans in faithful pairing

Drifting sure and slow

Dabbling by the edging reeds

Going with the flow

With no boats winter travelling

On stretches icy sheet

Frozen mud an obstacle

To snare unwary feet

Coots and moorhens scooting

Across the swirls of white

Under sky now cloudless

Dazzling bright sunlight

Passing red brick bridges

With countless locks between

Far off on rolling hillside

A White Horse edged in green

Drifting from warm cabins

Trails of pungent smoke

Hunkered down and cosy

The happy boating folk

Wood piles by the gang planks

With sawdust all around

Wheelbarrows and bicycles

Lie waiting on the ground

On the frosty towpath

Bootprints water-filled

January walking Westward

With breezes Arctic-chilled

And seeming ever present

On Brunel's rail fast train

Passengers in comfort

While others take the strain.



Frozen Kennet & Avon Canal.jpg
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