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Nige's 70th Birthday

Friend Nigel loves his walkies

With his all-weather gear

In waterproofs and gaiters

He has no storm to fear

He’ll leap up every incline

Just like a mountain goat
He’s even got a Tilley hat

That’s guaranteed to float

But he’s not just a walker

He is a veteran scribe

Searching out great stories

Wherever they might hide

When just a young reporter

He was the blasted Heath

Scooping all his rivals

Who praised through gritted teeth

Then he turned to PR

And Aspro cured all ills

They soared up in the ratings

Thanks to Nigel’s skills

While he built his business

He still found time to roam

Yet always put his family first

As long as he was home

He is a caring husband

An ever-generous friend

Even though his love of Risk

Can drive some round the bend

He likes a game of Rummy

And doesn’t mind to lose

Even when he’s playing

A Pete the worse for booze

There is no mate I’d rather have

To share this country fair

At 70 he’s doing fine

A pity ‘bout the hair.

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