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Cruising on The Waverley









Great paddles churning water

The Waverley drew near

More passengers there waiting

On lovely Clevedon Pier

The Welsh from Penarth all aboard

But still free spaces found

As the ropes were all cast off

And she was outward bound

The coastline dimly visible 

Steep Holm lost in heat haze

The chatter rising from the decks

To launch the best of days

Along the coast she travelled

Her passage so serene

No dolphins in the Channel

But surfaced submarine

Heading on she voyaged

Beneath a dome of blue

Hills and harbours passing

A panoramic view

Past Woody Bay and towering cliffs

The tallest in the land

The Waverley so steady

A day out she'd made grand

At Ilfracombe a welcome -

Town crier there to say

"We're very pleased to see you -

"Oyez, oyez, oyez!

His only plea to visitors

"Wherever you may roam

"Enjoy our town's attractions

"But take a seagull home"

The journey back enlivened

As landmarks on the way

Were detailed with their history

At end of perfect day

A final call at Penarth

Then time to disembark

And stroll back to the Toll House 

Amidst the gathering dark.

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