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George's 18th Birthday

It’s long been the tradition

For young to spread their wings

And venture into Europe

To learn of many things

Of art and foreign culture

As part of a Grand Tour

In gallery and museum

But George thought that a bore

Instead of those old masters

He sought more modern sights

Meeting fellow travellers

And chatting through the nights

He left a cider drinker

He came back quaffing wine

Red or white or rose

George doesn’t draw the line

He’ll just have to remember

When filling up his glass

That licence won can still be lost

Despite a third time pass.

Of course it’s not just drinking

Now legal for our boy

He’ll have the chance to cast a vote

And add to David’s joy

Unless he changes colour

Environment to clean

And eats brown rice, wears sandals

And puts his cross by Green.

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