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Easter Egg Hunt


This Easter hunt’s eggs-citing

You’ll have a cracking time

As you set out to find those eggs

With riddle clues in rhyme.


Each egg’s linked to a letter

Just join to make a word

It might just be a foreign place

Of which you’ve sometimes heard.


The first clue is a saintly man

Who loved the sight of birds

The second is a feeding place

Where their sweet sounds are heard


The next is where their eggs are laid

And then a change of pace

Just find a lovely pair of wings

And an angelic face.


She makes the garden magical

And blows love to our home

She also knows the next big clue

A studious, kind old gnome.


Then find a green and croaky chap

Who might become a prince

And next a useful water pump

If hands should need a rinse.


Another egg will be beneath

A mask that’s sure to scare

But where you might wish to sit down

Our next is hidden there.


You’ve almost done, just two more clues

The first where sparrows splash

Now find a badger on a sign

And off to Grandma dash.


You’ve got the eggs and letters too

Now find out what they spell

I think you’ll like it quite a lot -

Just please don’t shout and yell!

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