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Bernard's Farewell


In the heart of Oxford

In the House of Rhodes

There dwelt the kindly Bernard

The Writer of the Odes.


His title ‘twas Head Porter

But he was more than that

He’d listen to your problems

And find the time to chat.


He guarded pillared portals

And issued firm, Who goes?

He walked the silent corridors

Kept cleaners on their toes.


Yet this able guardian

Had the biggest heart

His warmth to all who met him

Set him well apart.


A shoulder strong to lean upon

A more than willing ear

When staff and scholars needed him

His friendliness was clear.


His passion’s Country-Western

But not that modern stuff

He draws the line at dancing

It’s just not pure enough.


So now retirement beckons

Teresa’s at his side

We’ll miss you sorely, Bernard

Enjoy your life outside!

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