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A Cat Above The Rest


Atop the staircase of the house
There lives a cat as quiet as mouse
She pads the landing night and day
Greeting those who come to stay

The bathroom’s part of her domain

With guests by loo she will remain
She's never known to show her claws
Just fur of silk and velvet paws
No Miaow for her – a simple, Meep
To rouse her mistress when asleep
She'll silently ascend the bed
And drape herself round Vivvie's head
Where once outside she oft would roam
The first floor now it is her home
For at the bottom of the stair
Of Ollie's presence she's aware
The merest sound will make him bark
A movement soft will uproar spark
So Guinness now stays up above
Secure and cosseted with love.


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