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Beneath The Waves

In the sea before us
There's much we do not see
Beneath the waves a world that brims
With life's infinity
The noisy gulls cry overhead
While in the depths below
Creatures move at their own pace
The rapid and the slow
Cod with plaice and conger eel
There's even found catshark
Swimming oh so silently
Unseen here in the dark
Eels that seek Sargasso Sea
And there a place to breed
Pass by us on their journey
Fulfilling nature's need
Rivers and streams are here combined
In Severn Estuary
Muddy gravel beds sustain
Marine biology
Worms and crabs find nutrients
In turn they are the food
For all the busy waders
That in rock pools intrude
While out across the Channel
You may just catch a sight
As porpoise, seal and dolphin
Swim free as is their right.

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