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Nero Not Hero

Image - European Jewish Press 

Nero sat and fiddled
While outside his Rome burned
Trump did something similar
It seems he hadn't learned
That as his country's President
He had a solemn job
Not spending time a-Twittering
And whipping up a mob
For months before election
He spewed out countless lies
Said votes would just be stolen
So it was no surprise
That when he lost to Biden
He claimed it was a steal
And rallied his supporters
Who flocked to his appeal
To gather up in Washington
And march to where Congress
Were ratifying his defeat
And he met with success
But when the Capitol was stormed
The Chief was tucked away
Within his Office Oval
Throughout a shameful day
Democracy lay bleeding
But he would take no blame
Despite the wanton rampage
Conducted in his name
Not Great America regained
No matter what he pledged
He'd sown just deep division
And basest feelings dredged
When history now is written
No noble legacy
Just stain of two impeachments
Will live in memory.

US Capital Invasion - European Jewish Pr
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