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Tunnels of Spring Glory


Down the tunnels of Spring glory

Verdant banks of new-sprung green

Lead to where a heart can conquer

In a vale where love is queen

Hamlet greets with sun-thatched houses

And a pub of pollard tree

Fosters lager and shared laughter

With a lunch of bacon brie

Nearby glimpsed through stone-arched gateway

Stately home and rolling hill

While ducklings in a red hen's keeping

Scurry round their bills to fill

A rutted track tempts feet to wander

In blackbird woods of dappled shade

Where the sunbeams lie in blue pools

Pastel painting every glade

Through a gate a magic meadow

Hand in hand they unseen pass

To where their passion is unbridled

Atop a bed of cushion grass

All around the best of Nature

All around the best of views

There he takes her to the treetops

On their coats of red and blues

Sweet she was and dew-green fresh

Bluebell-rimmed in soft warm flesh

Spent content they slumber gently

'Til they wake and steal away.

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