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Katie & Marc's Wedding Day

I’ve often set up giveaways

Of trips and hotel stay

But nothing half so precious

As that I gave today.


From babe to child I’ve watched Kate grow

From woman now to bride

With baby Edie close at hand

And Marc here at her side.


She wasn’t always perfect

She wasn’t always good

Not sugar, spice, not all things nice

Although sometimes she could


Be Daddy’s Little Princess

Be Mummy’s precious mite

But, oh the hell when darkness fell

She screamed right through the night.


Her brother was an angel

But Kate it’s sad was not

She’d bawl and cry the rafters high

‘Til brought down from her cot.


As a toddler she was trouble

With mischief in her head

Once raided Mummy’s make-up box

And nail-polished our bed.


She’d pull out clothes from wardrobes

Put high heels on her feet

And with pop socks up to her knees

Would promenade the street.


But as she grew she mellowed

It could be down to school

Her bedroom stayed a nightmare

But she became Miss Cool.

Her music tastes were Gothic

All Smiths and Morrissey

Her colour choice was always black

Like Ford’s first Model T.


And next she had her veggie stage

All pulses, nuts and rice

She also found the local pubs

And popped in once or twice.


Kate flew the nest to Weston

Then Sheffield called one day

Her art course there was not so fine

But meat pies were Grade A.


Back she came to Bristol

To manage in a shop

Before the move to H&M

And there she rose non-stop.


Off she went to London

A new life in the Smoke

And nothing then could tempt her back -

Except of course a bloke.


We all know Clevedon’s super

The best around it’s said

But now at least some good has come

From that place Portishead.


We took to Marc right from start

He’s much, much more than pleasant

There might be better adjectives

But none that rhymes with Bessant.


So join me now to drink a toast

To our girl and our boy

And wish them both the best in life

Love, happiness and joy.









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