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Paris & The Eiger Tour


It started up in Aston

'Fore Maureen married Ken

When someone picked on Paris

And someone else said: When?


We thought that Spring would be the best

When sunshine bathes the rues

We'd travel there by Eurostar

And miss the traffic queues.


We got a coach to London

Right up to Waterloo

And sped on down to Dover

And through the Chunnel flew.


In no time we reached Gare du Nord

Some chose the Metro route

While others plumped for taxi cabs

With luggage in the boot.


We stayed quite near Gare Saint Lazare

In the Rue d'Amsterdam

The Flesche d'Or was an ideal base

For messieurs and mesdames.


There was no bar but we had wine

It was a welcome sight

Until the manager said: Non -

I did not mean each night!


Each evening we went out to dine

Each day we went our ways

To all points north, south, east and west

With sights that did amaze.


Billets en carnets let us roam

By bus and underground

But walking was the nicest way

For us to get around.


From the heights of old Montmartre

To the bridges of the Seine

We strolled 'neath chestnut blossom

And whistled through the rain.


We licked Berthillon ice creams

Upon St Louis' Ile

Some ventured up into the sky

Upon a giant wheel.


The Arc de Triomphe drew our gaze

Amidst the tourist throng

The Champs Elysee sought our francs

With siren Virgin song.


We joined Parisien walkers

Past monuments to wars

And statues of brave men who died

In some forgotten cause.


We sat at pavement cafes

Ate crepes and Croques Madame -

And for those who ain't been there

That's rarebit, egg and ham.


We drank vin blanc, we quaffed vin rouge

We sank a good few beers

While some would order Perrier

For others it was Kirs.


We saw the Sacre Coeur at night

And toured the artists' square

Where deft skill captured beauty

Of eye and golden hair.


Some went to mount the Eiffel Tower

Upon our Eiger Tour

But we thought we would leave that feat

To do un autre jour.


The places that we didn't go

Were legion I am sure

We didn't like the crowds, you see,

So just walked past the door.


We didn't go inside the Louvre

Or lovely Saint Chapelle

Not even towering Notre Dame -

At least we heard the bell.


But the views were stunning

The atmosphere sublime

Each street a revelation

Of France's golden time.


The buildings had a grandeur

That made the spirit soar

With balconies that stood aloof

Above the traffic roar.


OK, it rained on two days

All right, it rained a lot

But when the sun at last came out

You know it felt quite hot.


So will there be a next time?  

You bet there will be, ma'am 

And after where we stayed this time 

It must be Amsterdam!

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