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Lu's 21st Birthday

I’ve had a lot of birthdays

So many it’s no fun

But some are really special

Like when you’re twenty one

I’ve known you from an early age

In Cyprus then Ham Green

I’ve seen you at your sweetest

I’ve faced the drama queen

I’ve marvelled at you swimming

The underwater crawl

I’ve watched you try out acting

In school and Failand Hall

I was there in Cornwall

The day your leg you broke

And struggling round on crutches

That surely was no joke

You’ve shown surprising courage

When others might be feeble

I think of all those poor pierced ears

And now tattooist’s needle

You’re never shy of working

In bar and KFC

Great shakes at making cocktails

A world from Cherry B

Tradition says today’s the day

You get your first door key

But you’ve already got your flat

And moved from Portbury

So happy birthday, little Lou

From Paparazzi Pete

I hope you have a super time

Just stay up on your feet.

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