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Blooming Cactus

More at home in desert
Than on a window sill
But when my cactus grew a stalk
It gave me quite a thrill
It hasn't had much water
Nor any drop of feed
I got a book 'bout cacti
But didn't stop to read
My vote it wins for trying
I couldn't wait to see
If it could sprout a sexy bloom
To tempt a passing bee
Several weeks of checking
And then a nice surprise
Upon that slender growing wand
Small buds to greet my eyes
They're sort of multi-coloured
Red shading into green
I wouldn't call them pretty
And not the best I've seen
No prize for this at Chelsea
It won't upstage a rose
No sweet perfume is likely
To satisfy one's nose

I'm calling Alan Titchmarsh
Or clever folk at Kew
How to tend my tender plant
They'll know just what to do

But if they come to ask me

The species in my pot

I’ll have to tell them frankly

I simply know it not.

Blooming Cactus Latest.jpg
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