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In Memory of Edith Cavell










She went to school in Clevedon

But there’s much more to tell

About the Great War heroine

The brave Edith Cavell

Her teachers here in Elton Road

Could never have foreseen

The gift she gave to nursing

And what her life would mean

She trained at first in London

Then others knew her care

Ministering to those in need

It didn’t matter where

At home when war was started

She knew her duty lay

Miles away in Brussels

And there would bravely stay

To all with wounds she tended

No matter friend or foe

And others she would help escape

And off to freedom go

Betrayed then by a traitor

The captors faced with calm

Her only crime to help the sick

And others save from harm

Yet Edith still was sentenced

To death by firing squad

Her faith she kept right to the end

And placed her soul with God

Her martyrdom caused outrage

Her name became well known

At Westminster a service

And then the journey home

To Norfolk where she’s buried

In Norwich at Life’s Green

Alongside the cathedral

With yearly tributes seen

For one whose life’s example

Continues to inspire

Those drawn to take up nursing

And to her deeds aspire.

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