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Andy's 40th

He’s trekked the Annapurna

And braved the rapids rage

So why on Earth should Andy

Fear a certain age?


He’s tackled Lou at bedtime

And tramped through Arctic snow

So why should he be nervous

About the big Four Oh?


Show this lad a bungee

And the highest leap

He’ll chuck himself right over

And not miss any sleep.


He’s run and swum and cycled

Beneath the burning sun

Triathlons are a piece of cake

And he likes more than one.


He’s taken bikes to dizzy heights

Even a bus shed roof

He’s frightened Mum a good few times

He was an active yoof.


He’s climbed up steep cliffs hand by hand

Abseiled down faces sheer

Can take a Big Mac in his stride

Is not averse to beer.


He’s slept out in the jungle

And shrugged off snake-filled nights

Been injured on the rugby field

And suffered fearful bites.


He knows the terror of the Mall

And shopping trips with Claire

He uses cards with practised skill

Just hopes the money’s there.


The halls of academia

Are common-place for him

As much at home behind a desk

As in a sweat-filled gym 


He’s George’s golf instructor

With helpful, sound advice

And when it comes to driving off

He has a mighty slice.


If Snowdon holds no worries

Nor Kilimanjaro

Just don’t think he is one bit scared

To reach the big Four Oh.


And yet we know of one thing

That sends him in a rage

Forget his toll of two score years

Just whisper – MIDDLE AGE.

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