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Marshfield Morn


Down Sheepfair Lane to cricket sward

And where the crack of willow

Resounds along the summer lanes

Past cowslips soft as pillow

We strolled apart though close as one

'Tween banks of pink and green

And drank the beauty of the day

As larks chorused unseen

Upon the head of foundling lamb

Our shared caress bestowed

To earn a plaintive, pleading cry

That echoed down the road

Wild garlic scents perfumed our path

As we climbed up to view

The reservoir in sunshine bathed

Its waters dazzling blue

Warm hours of bee and beetle

And goldfinch bright in hedge

Time to share our thoughts out loud

Time our love to pledge

We walked and talked that Marshfield morn

Of families and fears

And laid some new foundation stones

For future happy years.

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