Sleepless in Clevedon

That Peter needs it cosy

But I prefer to chill

And when I’m hot, I like it not

It makes me feel quite ill.


I doze off on the sofa

Whene'er the telly's on

I can snooze for hours and hours

When that alarm's done gone


But at dawn I'm in a lather

With hair an awful fright

Will someone please, please tell me

Why I can't sleep at night.


I toss and turn for ages

My bedclothes end up damp

I get up for the bathroom

I get up with the cramp.


I have a drink of water

I take a Nurofen

But when I hit the pillow

I'm wide awake again.


I'm tired of being tired

I'm tired enough to weep

So how come I'm not tired enough

To just lie down and sleep.