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Claire's 50th

There’s no one like her anywhere

That pocket whirlwind known as Claire.

Daughter, wife and super Mum,

Lifelong friend and bestest chum.

She’s caring, sharing, kind and warm,

In the kitchen cooks a storm,

Prepares a roast with every trimming,

Good for guests, but not for slimming.

A happy childhood at the Grange

Means we shouldn’t find it strange

She likes the finer things in life -

But she is not a high cost wife.

At Matelan and TK Max

You’ll see her whizzing through the racks.

The bargains found you’d not believe -

Too good to miss, too good to leave.

She clothes herself and Andy too

And not forgetting George and Lou.

Her castle’s home in Portbury,

A stronghold for her family.

She won’t just sit and contemplate

It’s – let’s change this and decorate,

Make-over that and re-design

And then let’s have a glass of wine.

She even got a job one day

To kit her house from Maurice Lay.

She loved horse-riding as a girl,

Prepared to give most things a whirl.

At Platform One she oft was seen

In platform shoes the dancing queen.

Lots of lippy, loads of style,

The blonde who stood out by a mile.

And now she’s reached that half a ton

She’ll not slow down, she’ll still have fun.

She’s good to know and good to share -

A happy birthday to our Claire.

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