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Boots Away

My boots are made for walking
Not stuck in far Welshpool
So when I couldn't find them
I felt a careless fool
I thought I might have left them
On hotel's outside chair
But when they went to check for me
My boots they were not there
I asked the taxi driver
He said he'd have a look
Insurance claim would need police
To have it in their book
But then the driver's missus
Gave me the welcome news
She'd found the boots within the boot
No walks for me in shoes

She said that she would post them

But they did not appear

My joy at their discovery

Was turning now to fear

Nige said: Just get a new pair

I found some on the net

Together with some gaiters

Ideal when it is wet

The price it was a bargain

But then a nasty shock

An e-mail from supplier

“Your boots are out of stock.”

A further call to Welshpool

Revealed my boots were back

It seemed address had washed off

When out the postie’s sack

Once more within a parcel

My boots they headed home

In time to be re-polished

And off again to roam.

In future I’ll look after them

It’s only me to blame

And yomps in carpet slippers

Are never quite the same.

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