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Brian – The Diamond Geezer

He was a diamond geezer

We never would exchange

Our H - some knew as Brian -

Once Monarch of The Grange

He lived life like he bowled his woods

Just true right to the end

A special Dad and Grandpa

A stalwart, loyal friend

A gentleman, a generous host 

A fount of sound advice

In short, as we all knew him,

Just really, really nice!

He started work at 13

It can’t have been much fun

Then war came and he guarded

Box Tunnel from the Hun

In peace he set a course towards

A fruitful new career           

On Keato and Amanda Gun

A ship-shape engineer

Back home a business started

With instruments marine

He built himself a factory

To make the Hartcliffe scene

He drove a shiny Daimler

Could then a Merc afford         

And then swapped personal number plate

To Focus made by Ford

His passion was his garden

With sprinkler and a rake

And any waste and rubbish

He’d with a bonfire make

He oft was seen on bowling green

When not off on a cruise

Or nipping to the Dovecot

For just a drop of booze.

His club it was the Unilit

Yet if inside you looked

You’d find an awful lot of stuff

Yet not a single book.

He learnt to swim at sixty

When he installed his pool

Became an able lifeguard

When family played the fool

He loved his dogs – yes, every one  

From Seamus through to Sky

But Angus he was barmy -

It makes you wonder why

 H reached and passed the big Nine-Oh

With views out to the sea

He’ll leave a hole that’s hard to fill

But fondest memory 

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