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Scarlet Rain


Through the air like souls descending

Softly falls the scarlet rain

Blood red petals without number

Shower the living who remain

Echoes of those far-off poppies

Blooming where so many died

Scythed to earth – a bitter harvest

Legacy of power and pride

Sons and fathers, friends and strangers

 Marching on, they fought and fell

Now beneath a white cross forest

Side by side forever dwell

Valiant soldiers still remembered

In each corner of the land

Those who owe a debt so heavy

Bowed in silent tribute stand

In towns and cities 'cross the nations
Again is heard the bugle's call
Guns boom out to signal silence
Saluting those in death's cold thrall
Time to pause and just remember
The brave, the fearful, all as one
Never more to laugh with comrades
Never more to feel the sun
Those who marched out hale and hopeful
Are numbered now among the slain
But not unsung, nor yet forgotten
As softly falls the scarlet rain.

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