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Mavis' 70th Birthday

In the Bible, way back when

The age was known as three score, ten

This was the allotted span

For all the Sisterhood of Man.

But not our Mavis, she’s too young

To think the final fling’s been flung.

She used to visit for folk’s health

A worthy cause not made for wealth

But when the time came to retire

She said, Not me, my aim is higher.

I’ll improve myself by degree

Via Open University.

The Eiger crew know she’s a whiz

Whene’er it comes to Bampton’s quiz

And on a bike she has no fears

Outpacing all without their gears.

The Witney road gave us a scare

A belt she got, no bag of air.

Her ribs were worse than that day when

She shared a leg with that great Ken.

But she bounced back, we’re pleased to say

And wish her now a great birthday!

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