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Questions For The Kremlin

Is it warm inside your Kremlin?

Is it cold inside your heart?
Do you ever stop to think about
The lives you've torn apart?
In your dacha is there heating
And fresh water from your taps?
Does your cruel mind e'er consider
The blameless in your traps?
When you speak to Russian mothers
With tears of crocodile
Do you care that those in Ukraine
Are suffering all the while?
Has your selfish mind considered
World's starving needing grain?
Your war has deepened famine
But you don't share their pain
You hold the globe to ransom
With nuclear missile threat
You're gambling with our futures
But we don't have a bet
You seem to have no conscience
Not try to draw the line
One day you'll meet your maker
And know judgement divine.

Putin Questions - Getty Images.jpg
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