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Travelling At The Speed Of Life

From birth we're always travelling
Ahead at speed of life
For some a joyful journey
Though others might find strife
We start off all as equals
As long as we've our health
Your country doesn't matter
Nor even parents' wealth
Whatever is your background
Your future's hand in glove
With those who will protect you
And cosset you with love
The paths we choose to follow
The chances that we take
For some they lead to fortune
Each needs a lucky break
We all have special talents
If some may be obscure
And any job is worthwhile
Of that you can be sure
Those who find their pleasure
In days lived to the hilt
Know it's not just money
On which success is built
If you can always look back
And know you did your best
Then just enjoy the speed of life
Your God will do the rest.


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