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Harbinger of Doom

She’s full of words of wisdom

Of doubt there is no room

But don’t you dare to call her

A harbinger of doom

She’ll see the likely pitfalls

And know when dangers loom

But that would never make her

A harbinger of doom

Some go through life too blissful

With head up in the sky

They’re going to get in trouble

And stumble by and by

They don’t hear wonky bearings

They don’t see curtain dirt

They may have made it so far

But surely they’ll be hurt

They heat up food they’ve frozen

All unaware of bugs

Let guests inside their front door

With muck upon their rugs

They will insist on hankies

Despite the risk of germ

They never check their car tyres

But one day they will learn

They’ll come a mighty cropper

When down some road they zoom

And wish that they had heeded

That harbinger of doom.







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