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Off Walton Road in Clevedon
In white house, Littlemead,
Doris with friend Margery
A special life did lead
Modern art created
Within Art Deco walls
Going 'against convention
Ignoring siren calls
To just conform to standards
That others thought were right
Standing as a Communist
A council seat to fight
Her home it was a magnet
For intellect's elite
Travelling from far and wide
To gather at her feet
But fame she never courted
Preferring just to be
An unassuming artist
Near anonymity
Today we all can recognise
What friends had always known
Her talent shines immortal
Despite the decades flown.
Doris Hatt a beacon
For much progressive thought
Leading by example
Each lesson ably taught.

Littlemead, Clevedon - Artist Doris Hatt
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