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Tribute To The Sir George White Special

Roger and Bernice once thought
It would be rather fun
To take a bus around the world
And so it was begun
But first they needed others
To join this escapade
They advertised and nine were found
And so a start was made
They bought a double-decker
Once green, 'twas painted red
And then this daring couple
Decided to get wed
The bus it was converted
For travel round the globe
The beds were given curtains
So each could there disrobe
By sea it went to Canada
By air the crew would go
Once back aboard they headed off
Their goal was Mexico
But World Cup was no triumph
With England soon knocked out
With little in their kitty
They turned just round about
And headed back to USA
So they could dollars earn
But lots of bridges were too low
As they would quickly learn
As winter loomed they went back North
Encountered snow and ice
Drove across the continent
And froze - it wasn't nice
Now sensibly they sought the sun
Way down in Florida
After where the bus had been
It really was not far
They picked some juicy oranges
They watched Apollo rise
Taking Man to walk on Moon
And all before their eyes
Money in their pockets
They once more hit the road
Said goodbye to new-found friends
With all their gear re-stowed
Through Mexico this time they went
To get to Panama
Where bus would go by sea again
To reach Colombia
But no time there to sightsee
They were just passing through
If only they had realised
What waited in Peru
A bridge they could not tackle
This one could not get round
Then after weeks of thinking
They thought solution found
But as they soon discovered
A bus is not a boat
And when it slipped right off a raft
It certainly didn't float
Their lovely bus was dragged to bank
To lay in crumpled heap
The chaps looked on in horror
The girls inclined to weep
And so this saga ended
Farewell the Sir George White
You really were so special
To you we wish goodnight.

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