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Friends' Wishes  for Maureen & Ken's Wedding

Sharing Pimms and punting

Sharing country walks

Sharing theatre outings

Sharing cosy talks

Sharing games and broken ribs

Sharing laughs and tears

We started in a tavern bar

And go back many years

We'd love to share your wedding

We'd love to be there when

Our Maureen is a bride again

Alongside our friend Ken

Her decor sense is plain to see

And his designs on her

He's saddled with her now for sure

No other he'd prefer

Yet we'll be there in spirit

When you two tie the knot

With Sally as the Eiger Girls'

Observer on the spot

She'll shed a tear by proxy

Our confetti she will throw

She'll drink a toast or two or three

But just so that you'll know

That though our name is secret

An acronym obscure

No secret is our wish for you

A love that will endure.








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