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Magic Beach Arcade

Oh, the many games we played
Inside the magic beach arcade
Pennies once, then 10p coins
Change now made from pounds
But though the coinage differs
Not so the merry sounds
Outside the metal stallions
Bucking in the sun
Within the happy youngsters
Come to share the fun
Some try to scoop a soft toy
Some hope to gain a prize
Machines of automation
Lit up to catch their eyes
The names are often changing
Reflecting modern styles
But always with one aim in mind -
To prompt those youthful smiles
Music as a background
Pop hits from through the years
Elvis and the Beatles
Replaced by Tears for Fears
Children want to linger
Parents watch the time
Yet then they do remember
When onto rides they'd climb
Oh, those many games we played
Inside the magic beach arcade.

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