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Biding His Time

While Biden's in the White House

Trump's simply biding time

Brushing off each summons

Dismissing every crime

Hush money paid to porn star

Home-stored files classified

Inciting siege of Capitol

In which some others died

It doesn't harm his chances

Of winning nomination

His MAGA gang can just not wait

For him to lead their nation

Believing it's a witch hunt

That Democrats all plot

To smear their former President

To put him on the spot

Indictments do not worry them

They say each one will fail

And should he go to prison

He'll take the Oath in jail

Then grant himself a pardon

To Washington return

Once back in Oval Office

Then all the world will learn

His drive to seek election

And former power regain

Reveals his true intention -

Make Donald Great Again

Donald Trump - 2.jpg
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